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Comprehensive Informative Bug Reports

Bug reporting software displayed in a side-by-side view showing the user experience and the technical data needed to fix bugs.



Scal's software makes the reporting and handling of bugs more effectively and efficiently:

  • Bug reporting: the users create comprehensive and informative bug reports easily and quickly, without prior knowledge being required.

  • Bug handling: the developers receive reports visually displayed in a side-by-side manner showing the user experience and technical data, including all of the info needed in order to find the root cause and resolve bugs better and faster.

Structure of the bug reports

The bug reports contain two aspects of the bug info:

  1. User experience aspect: shows a recording of the user’s screen during the bug occurrence and the user’s description of the bug via answers to automated customized questions about the bug experienced.

  2. Technical data aspect: displays technical data regarding software activity gathered by Scal in the background (logs file, DB queries, memory analysis, etc.)

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What does Scal give you?


Saves Time and Money

No more ping-pong communication to gather missing info

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Resolve bugs faster with less customer frustration


On your important tasks

Scal Advantages 

  • Prevents loss of valuable info that can only be attained at the time of the bug occurrence

  • Can be integrated with tools used daily

The need
Software companies invest a lot of resources in handling bugs.

A main part of the bug fix challenge is due to a lack of necessary information available about the bug.

The solution

 Scal’s bug reports contain all the required information.



Let’s solve your bugs together!

R&D team member, is bug handling wasting a lot of time?

Do you also identify with the following situations?

  • Bugs are delaying development goals

  • Unable to reach zero bugs

  • Back and forth communication between customers, support, and development to get missing information on bugs

Use Scal to start handling bugs much faster!

Come be a part of our beta group!

Thank you for joining us!

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